Winter Activities in Millbrook to Shake Off the Winter Blues

It can be tempting to stay inside once cold winter weather arrives. But, if you’re in the Millbrook area, there’s no better time of year to get out there and explore the best of what this wonderful region has to offer. From all of us at Ruge’s Chevrolet, here are some of our favorite winter activities in Millbrook that are sure to put the fun back into this chilly season.




It’s no secret: there are a ton of wonderful places to ski right around the Millbrook area. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious first-timer, a cross-country enthusiasts or a downhill thrill-seeker, you’ll find it all close to home in the Millbrook area. There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a day on the slopes, and nothing quite as relaxing as hot cocoa by the fire afterwards.


Ice Skating


For adults and children alike, ice skating is a fun winter activity that’s perfect for fighting off the cold-weather blues. Bontecou Ice Rink is a great option right here in Millbrook, though there are plenty of rinks in the surrounding area, too.




Hiking might sound like a summer activity, but hiking in winter offers a unique view of some beautiful landscapes around Millbrook. As long as you avoid icy conditions, winter is the perfect time to get out there and hit some hiking trails.


Don’t let the cold keep you inside this season. Instead, get out there and have a blast with some of these awesome winter activities in Millbrook.

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