3 Awesome Activities in the Catskills

There are many activities in the Catskills to partake in. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do as a family or a relaxing hiking trip with friends, you’ll find something that’s right for you.


Zoom Flume Water Park

Located among the famous Catskills, the Zoom Flume Water Park is a great place to bring your family for fun in the sun, enjoying the many water slides and rides the park offers along with pools to splash in. Free parking and a food court are also provided for your convenience.

Zipline Canopy Tours

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Catskill Mountains and some thrills along the way. With four different tours that include a variety of different obstacles for varying skill levels, Zipline Canopy Tours is a fun and exciting way to see the views from above. Make sure you choose an adventure that suits everyone’s age requirements, though.

Peekamoose Blue Hole

If you’d rather venture deep into the wilderness and enjoy the Catskills up close and personal, hike out to the Peekamoose Blue Hole. These crystal-clear blue waters are located on Rondout Creek and run through the heart of the forest. Take a dip or just take in the fairytale-like beauty near the village of Denning in Ulster County.


We at Ruge’s Chevrolet hope you enjoy your summer exploring the many fun activities in the Catskills.

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