Chevrolet Supports Youth With Sports Programs

Chevrolet cares about American communities, which is why the automaker recently tapped two world-class athletes to support its youth programs. Andrew McCutchen, MLB All-Star, and Alex Morgan, gold medalist and soccer champion, will be helping Chevrolet grow its sports programs for children.

Chevrolet Supports Youth - Ruges Chevrolet - Millbrook, NYSince 2006, Chevrolet has supported youth baseball and softball programs across the country through the Chevy Youth Baseball initiative. Participating baseball and softball leagues receive checks and experiences from Chevrolet. Over the last 11 years, Chevrolet has provided more than 135,000 baseball kits and renovated 9,400 parks.

In addition to the baseball and softball initiative, Chevrolet also supports youth soccer programs. As of 2010, Chevrolet has supported youth soccer leagues across the country through Chevy Youth Soccer. Much like Chevy Youth Baseball, this program works on providing children with the equipment and funds necessary to participate in thriving soccer leagues. Through the program, Chevy has donated over 6,200 equipment kits and provided free lessons to more than 600,000 youth soccer players.

Chevrolet is committed to helping provide children across the country with high-quality athletic experiences. There is nothing that should get in the way of providing every child with the opportunity to thrive. All of us here at Ruge’s Chevrolet are very proud of the work that Chevy does for the community.

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